Saturday, September 10, 2011

How To Stop Obsessing Over Any Man

  Do you always followed the man do not like you?  You almost can not sleep in her mind and almost crazy and you do not know if you call him on the phone or follow him anywhere, That is mean that you are obsess. How does prevent and stop the madness that? Because many of us are now becoming obsess because we do nothing in life just to think those things done or to happen to us with the person being caused by our obsess.
 Ways on How to Prevent Being Obsess      

 * First if you are student or employee, you need to focus on learning or work and do not think the thing or the person you were obsess.

* Try fellowship with to the many people and do not let alone yourself so you just don't think the people were you obsess.

* Do you think he's just the only man in the world, even if he ever got the most important in your life when you are the woman, you have not done living, for just angry and you can only think about it overnight.

*  Don't you always wait for the phone to call you not continue to rely, because that one is a reason of being obsess,.

* Avoid or go to see the items or place he wanted, surely you remind him.

* Let he ran for you, even if you can not fight when you obsess just don't show it, pretend you do not have like him.

* You turn to food or things on yourself rather than you are always think of the men, because most men afflict women.

 Because many men are now destroying the lives of women, by playing their love to a woman, many of men now are immaturity, They only think their own happiness and they own interest in woman. They did not even think about the consequences of the game they play with women, or what women will be feeling them. Do not they not think their mother is also women? So we women must not fool to a me. They let us catch up with us and not the man we chase. Before you prioritize being obsess with men, and before you do some thing about them, think for own sake and continue to live, because time and someday you'll also find the right man for you.


Anonymous said...

This is such a valuable article. Thank you so much for writing about this. I have never obsessed over anyone the way I am obsessing over someone I met just three weeks ago. He has said he is not ready for a relationship (and neither am I) but it feels so good to be around him. I had already come to the same conclusions, but your article gives me something to really hang on to.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. What's funny is I know the drill. I know the steps - I'm usually the one who delves them out to my friends but yes, this time, I met someone - a friend who I've become completely smitten over - just doing all of that above and then when we stopped working together, all that confidence went out the window.
I let myself fall to tears recently, obsessed over when is he going to call and almost made a complete fool of myself stalking him (so-to-speak) and getting caught like a nitwit!!!
He hasn't called and I don't know why but after weeks now of obsessing - I've let it go. And, this article just reinforces everything I know to do and what has worked in the past.
I don't know why if he feels like "the one" - I'm an adult not to say a teenager doesn't feel this way, I did at 16 - engaged at 21 and then we never married. I thought he was the one but, this is everything I know I'd want in my lifelong partner and he's not even calling for a first date? I sound crazy, I know. We were great friends and I reached out for more...
Anyway, I'm confident that sitting here is an amazing woman - all the things you mention, smart, funny, confident, super sexy and I can't make him want me so, it's time to let go and live. And, if he comes calling - what an amazing joy and if not, I made sure I took care of me.