Thursday, November 10, 2011

If He's Stopped Saying " I Love You" Try this

If you are feeling frustrated with the state of your relationship
and you are man is constantly disappointing you and
no matter how much you try to tell him what you want and need, you are not alone.
To help you with your unique issues, I'm going to answer questions from you many women in this.
I'm going to address long distance relationships, what to do when he's stopped saying " I Love You" and how to handle your feelings about a man who's cheated in the past.
Let me know how my answers help you in your situation.
And be sure to read this, because I saved the best story for last. It's from a woman who was in love with a hopeless" commitment" who was still hung up on his ex, and she tells us how she turned it all around in a couple of months.
But first....
Be aware, put your hand over your mouth,and just stop talking.
The feeling message are what will connect you to yourself first, and then to him, but you can't say things that look like.., " I feel that.., you did that, or are doing that wrong."
Can you see the difference between speaking that way and sharing; " I feel sad," Or" I miss you".
Just buckle down and practice everything in life with everyone you meet,every where and you'll get the hang of it, If you can take the pressure off to him completely, thing might clear up.
And at the same time, get a life.
 You must start flirting with and talking with other men. It will be single most helpful thing you can do for yourself to get your focus OFF of this particular man and onto your big dreams for the relationship you want.

If you hook your dreams to one man, It's so much better to keep your inner balance and to feel confident and powerful.
Dating lots of men getting out there and simply relating to lots of men, wherever you are and practicing all dialogue in life with them in conversation will help you tremendously,
I don't want you to have to do all this love alone.

I realize you're in a crisis because of the move ( I hope you're not moving just because of him and so,then you'll have to work doubly hard to make it a good move for you,regardless of him).
Pay good attention to yourself, be very busy and fulfilled with work, volunteering,your new home. You don't say anything about kids, so if the move doesn't work you can undo it.
Don't call him,wait for him to call you.
If he's in love with his ex-girlfriend, and he says clearly he doesn't want a new girlfreind now, you won't be able to move him in any way.
I would  not be his "friend" that will make it difficult for him to see you as anything but a friend in the future.
Don't call him, forget about him.
If the man you have now doesn't treat right, walk away from him,too.
Allow other men to come into your life and date them. Nice men. Learn to listen,learn to not be demanding, get a wonderful life for yourself that's better that being with a man who isn't doing the job for you, and you'll the man you really want to find you.

The way for the right man to find you is leaves an empty space for him to walk int.
It's really important that you enjoy your life aside from any man, that will make you more attractive,and make you feel so much better empowered when a good man does walk into your life and he will.

Long distance is only challenge,here.
Men do what they want.
You're job is to inspire him to want to have you forever in any way and as fast as he can and you can't do it by playing games or being aloof or strategist it has come from inside you.

The way to do this is to get fulfilling life of your own, and start dating other men! This is crucially important so you can raise yourself esteem and confidence and practice it in life.
What you learn from being with these new men just from using feeling message in conversation and then actually dating them will help you with this man.
The powerful combination here is to be totally warm, sensual,leaning back,confident,soft and happy when he calls you, and refuse to be given to be the pigeon holed or have your options with other men cut off until there's a commitment.

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